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Fishing Rods Building and Services

We build fishing rods customized according to the customer requirements.

The construction can be made either from materials supplied by the customer (blank, cork, reel seat, guides ...) or we can deliver everything you need.
We can put the brand - owner name on the finished rod according to individual customer's designs.

During the construction we use only the highest quality materials from reputable suppliers. For example :

MAXIA        THOMAS        BLOKE       PacBay

The time required for the construction of one handed fly fishing rod or spining rod is about one week. This time is technologically necessary mainly for sufficient hardening of adhesives and coatings used in the rod construction.

The prices of our products are derived from the materials used and the overall performance of the work. All the prices are always agreed with the customer in advance and are fixed. The prices of certain works and actions are listed in the tab "Prices".

Samples of our products can be seen in the tab "Products" and rods that are currently in stock ready for sale in the tab "In stock".

The delivered products or parts are subject to a guarantee under applicable law.
We also provide customer service for the defects caused by improper use of the product or wear.

We repair any other rods or parts thereof, also from other suppliers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and let us provide you with a specific offer !

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